[NEWS] Oricon Ranking + Tweeter

Since I was taking a nap and slept slightly one hour past the original time, I was late in updating the ranking. haha!

Even though earlier on Oricon has predicted that w-inds. single might be on 2nd spot, they ended up at 3rd spot.

It's still good to be in top 3 eh. おめでとう!!  Congratulations!!

On the other hand, earlier on, I have posted something about tweeter's project from w-inds. fans, which the information is on the chatting box on the right? Well, have you fans done it so? haha! Even though I am not active in tweeter despite Ryuichi being actively tweeted; anyhow, I did manage to tweet something to #addictedtolove and Ryuichi did it too. haha! As a result? #addictedtolove is at the 1st spot for having the hottest topic and by having the most tweets! Congratulations to all the fans. We've done it. All of us!

Well done~ ^_^

For those who bought the singles, how do you like it? For those who are still waiting, are you excited? haha!

Please support w-inds. by buying the single and please don't download. Buy the original! Thank you~


  1. Hi! thanks for supporting #addictedtolove, ^_^ all the fans worked really hard to get #1!!
    and Ryuichi-sama was sweet when he did!
    oh yeah I'm excited and will stay excited for a week at least, until it comes >< lol!
    you do enjoy it, don't you?? ^^

  2. lady: i will post it up soon.. haha! gosh! i can't simply make any promise eh.. since I failed to post up their album here due to my *AHEM* laziness! Well, since I am done with my exam, I will have more time on hands. This is my fave single of them up-to-date.

  3. lols ^^
    I'll be thankful!
    and in your exams, do your best!

  4. lady: my exam is over! I am planning for my next cooking video now since I have skipped it for 2 months. and #addictedtolove project was aired on TV! so cool! now more fans especially from japan will know about this tag. hehe!

  5. really? very nice!
    I saw your cookin' videos, love it ^^ good luck!
    yup I know, did you see the show?
    oh I'm just crazy by the project, can't believe!! ><