w-inds.M Returns DVD

Well, yeah I know I am really late to post this up because I have totally forgotten about this. haha!

Reason being is, I am not going to buy this DVD; hence I do not have the urge to post it up. hahaha!

Alright.. I guess I should say I am not going to pre-order it as I always would. I guess I will buy 2 weeks after the release date. I just need to allocate my budget accordingly for w-inds. stuffs. My priority will always go to their albums, singles and concert DVD. Others release that suddenly popped out of nowhere will usually come second. If I can buy it on the date of release, then I will buy it but if I can't, then I will usually wait for 2 weeks later or so. haha!

Alright, enough blabbing. Here is the information of the DVD.

Title: w-inds.M Returns
Date: 2010.8.4
Price: 3,500yen

Bonus scene: Jacket shooting + VMAJ backstage clip.

I wonder what kind of jacket shooting for this? The DVD itself? Anyway, I guess this is the first time I am delaying buying a new release of w-inds. haha! Feeling somewhat guilty now. lol


  1. w-inds.M returns? please, what is it about? (>_<)

  2. Hmm.. I didn't watch it though but do you remember their w-inds.M that were aired at MTV channel before? Could be something like that? haha!

  3. oh you mean like that, yea I watched it on youtube ><
    thank you.