Addicted to love singles pictures

Sorry that it took so long to post this up. My scanner isn't working anymore T__T

Hence, I decided to snap it using my digital camera instead. Sigh~ I have made a video as a post promo for this single but... until now I am still not able to upload it due to youtube. Will try a few times again.. even though I have tried it many times since few days ago.

Anyway, as usual, I have bought all the 3 versions and this time, the trading cards for Version A and B do not come with 4 kinds but just 1 kind. I love the singles and apart from Addicted to love, seems like the other 3 songs are kinda slow. hehe! Though I do like the other songs but the one that got me addicted to most of course is addicted to love. haha! Rain too is a song that I would love to cover.. but overall, I am liking all the 4 songs but Addicted to love is the catchiest and addicting. haha!

Here are the pics.Ohh one more thing, out of everything, I love the necklace the MOST!! haha!

Limited edition (CD + DVD)

Version A

Version B


  1. thanks for the photos!!!!!!!
    Could you share the song "Never You´re Gone"?, can not find.
    I could only buy the limited edition because I have no money for buying all three versions:(

  2. marionnoda: hey there! Aww.. I totally understand your situation.. but I hope you would understand my stand as well. I don't support download of w-inds. music and dvds, that's why i never upload those for others to download. But I am pretty sure you can get it anywhere on the net. I believe there will be fans (especially english speaking fans) sharing it at LJ community. Perhaps you can try there?

  3. thanks for replying!!!I understand your position too ^_^ and I admire it. I love your blog