New wallpaper at w-inds. site

Wowzers!! Oh by the way, what's up with their heavy and obvious make up nowadays? haha!

Could this be their upcoming single's look? I am liking it and Keita's new hair and that make up looks so good on him. hahah!

First pic, Keita's eye looks really fierce. haha! I think overall, Ryuichi has the most natural looking make up ^_^

Loving Keita at 2nd pic. Love the computer effect of watery eyes on Ryohei too. hehe! Keita's sparkling golden hair is really nice. I went to bleach my hair too but it's in light brown because I don't dare to try out blonde yet. haha!

I can't wait for their single's theme to be revealed.. I mean for the jacket shoot. hehe!

Last but not least, just wanna share my current new hair color. hehe! New hair cut and new hair color v^_^v


  1. I personally think that Ryohei looks better with darker hair (it's ok to have some hints of light hair like current hairstyle). They look cool.

    I won't say anything about your new haircut because I'm afraid that I will say anything that hurts you (personally not into light color).

  2. stranger: lol.. no worries.. not everyone can accept light hair color on asians eh. and i haven't have the guts to go on blonde yet. >_<

  3. OMG!
    when I entered to w-inds.tv to see this new style I wanted to cry ;_; (like the last one year)
    "I miss your dark hair, Keita!"
    his hair is coming lighter in color & lighter every moment -_- , I think the dark was very cool on him.
    whatever, thank u for pictures. Ryu looks better than Ryo & Kei.
    and I think your hair cut is nice but I don't know what about the color 'cause I don't see your face, dear. ^_^

  4. lady: haha! thanks for commenting. hmm.. what has hair color to do with my face? ahah! i mean as long as the color can be seen is good right? or do you mean if the color suit my face? hehe! no worries. ^^

  5. I mean, how is suitable your face especially eyes, that's important, isn't?
    but the color by itself is KIREI so don't worry about that ^_^

  6. lady: yes i understand o^_^o and if i have the guts next time round, i would like to try keita's blonde. hahha!

  7. do you really wanna! don't say it ;_;, I'm always angry while thinking about his hair, I don't understand why does he change it all the time ×_×
    but, do u know something?... the most amazing thing in asians is their hair ^_^ and nature is good. no need for change ^_~