w-inds. in Shanghai

w-inds. is invited to Shanghai for the event of Japan Day, which promotes culture and entertainment to China 1 billion and 3 hundred million populations.

Hence w-inds. will be the J-pop artist representative of Japan and it's also serves as a performance to convey message to people of the environment problems that the earth is facing through this Shanghai World Fair Japan Day.

Date: 2010.6.12 (Saturday) 4pm starts
Venue: Shanghai World Center Hall (上海市 世界中心大会堂)
Sponsorship: 日本館 (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. JETRO)
Production: NHK Enterprise

Once again, w-inds. has made it as Japan's representative for such exchange event. hehe!


  1. Nice, they are in Shanghai again (I remember seeing a clip of them in Shanghai before).

  2. you know where i can watch it?~ live or not really want to see them performing!! thank you

  3. purelight: no worries, i am sure it will show on TV station sooner or later after the event ^^