[DOWNLOAD] New World + Rain is falling perf VMAJ 2010

Finally, w-inds. was able to take part in performance at VMAJ this year. haha!

I am sure most of you do know that our boys won the best collab award with GD.

So, congrats to them!! Honestly, I do prefer the New World performance than the other. haha!

However, I find Keita's slight cracked of voice at the beginning of Rain is falling cute. lol

GD's live rap in this song has improved so much compared to his past performance with the boys. He looked stunning too.

All of them were looking hot and sizzling too. haha! The solo dance at New World was hottest as ever. hehe!

Here is the download.

New World + Rain is falling VMAJ 2010


  1. congrats to w-inds.!
    I'm really glad to know this finally. yesterday I was in twitter, Kei was happy because of their winning.
    I don't have words to say...
    tomorrow I've a test in geography which is terrible but now I'm so much better. O_o really sorry for my babble, but I don't have anyone for sharing this happiness with...
    'll be back to comment the performance.
    THANK u very much.

  2. lady: good luck to your test! no worries.. you can babble about anything at here if you wish. if no one leaves any comment here, it'll look a li'l empty here. haha!

  3. Thanks! thanks fot to share the video.
    Sorry for my english jeje
    I love w-inds

  4. It's completely the best collab!
    w-inds. and GD look very better than the PV of rain is fallin'
    the New World one (MAKE SOME NOISE haha!) was a little sightly less than the 2nd one
    I didn't ever know GD but when rain is fallin' was released, and here i liked his hair.
    I loved what w-inds. are wearing.
    whatever Stage was a cool noisy and awesome!