News from Fan Club Live Tour

It has been a while since the last I updated eh. I am kinda lazy to update.. haha! forgive me.

Anyway, it's said that Keita is down with fever as high as 40deg. Oh dear..

Keita, get well soon yeah. Weather has been really strange lately in Japan.

So, please take care yeah.

On the other notes, at this moment of time, I don't plan to do any May's cooking tutorial as well as May's cover. haha! Or any updates at the moment because I am busy with my weight loss program. LOL!

Until next, hopefully what I will share with you w-inds. fans is my success story. haha! Good luck to me and work hard!

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  1. I hope he'll get well soon...
    Btw I'm a w-inds. Fan too and I love getting news from your blog. Nice to meet u ^^