Here is the latest information about w-inds. M2 song, Truth~最後の真実~.

It's a song that's composed by an American R&B singer call Ne-Yo and the lyrics will be written by Shungo.

It's common for w-inds. to re-sing a lot of songs of other artists especially those from Europe and everytime I listened to their versions as well as the original version, I would prefer w-inds. version more. haha!

So, this time, Ne-Yo has provided them with one of his songs to sing. Ne-Yo is a really famous singer and w-inds. has always been mentioning about him and had introduced about him in their w-inds.M's program before as well. Lead vocal, Tachibana Keita expressed his happiness by saying they are Ne-Yo's loyal music fans and they are really happy that they are able to sing one of his songs! Ne-Yo knew who w-inds. is and he recognized their talent as well.

Ne-Yo has also duet with Utada Hikaru as well. It's also reported that w-inds. might be singing their new songs from their upcoming single in HK and Taiwan's concert next month.

Even though I don't listen to Ne-Yo's music at all but I know his type of music, which isn't really the type that I would listen to everyday. haha!

Therefore, I am really looking forward to this song.. after 2 upbeat songs (New world and fighting for love) have been aired at Keita's freestyle radio station before.

This is really going to be one awesome single.

On the other hand, the regular edition of New World/ Truth~最後の真実~ has added another track, which was initially from 4 tracks to 5 now. Here is the new tracklist from the regular edition.

1: New World
2: Truth~最後の真実~
3: Fighting For Love
4: Tribute
5: New World(Radio Mix)
封入特典:ステッカー (4種のうち1枚封入)

Music&Arrangement:Shaffer Smith/Brandon Howard

So, the fifth track is New World (Radio Mix). haha! I think this radio mix is the one that I have uploaded here for download earlier and I guess the PV as well as the single's version will not have that long music that lasts for 45 seconds? That's my prediction. haha!

They should have added a new song that both version A and B do not have it, then fans will have to buy all the 3 versions then. haha!

Yay to the sticker in first press of regular edition. It has been a while since the last I got these cards or stickers. So, in this first press of regular edition, it will come with a sticker of 4 types! I wonder who will I get this time... but as usual, I wish I could get Keita and if not w-inds. haha!

Can't wait for both PV as well.

Anyhow, that's all from now and check back for more... If you readers do have blogspot, why not subscribe to my blog. haha!


On the other hand, fans are now discussing on New World/ Truth~最後の真実~ jacket shooting. They are comparing on whether the place that they used for the jacket shoot is the place on the below photo as shown. haha! It has a lot of similarities eh. I guess they used computer to add colors, wordings and that chandelier on top after that. Brilliant! I love the jacket for this single. What do you think? Similar right? haha!

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