[DOWNLOAD] w-inds. Fighting for love (Radio version)

This song was aired on Keita's radio session yesterday along with New World and both versions are clearer than the earlier ones.

Hmm.. so, what do you guys think of this song? It's another upbeat song.

Instead of love, i feel that this song is suitable for fire fighters? haha! I think if any japanese drama out there is about the life or profession as a fire fighter, they should definitely use this song as their theme song.

I love this song as well but I prefer a little more on New world. hehe! I love this single!! Hope to listen to Truth soon. I am sure this will be a slow groove.

Here I have uploaded fighting for love on my youtube. Click on the below link to listen to it.


If anyone of you wanted to download this clear radio version, here it is.

Click here to download from MF link.

If you have taken anything, do leave me a message yeah.

It's sad to know that there are many fans from different countries are visiting my blog but none left me any messages T__T

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