[DOWNLOAD] Keita at Ohitorisama ep3 + Screen captures

As per usual, I will only update Keita's part on each episode and here is episode 3.

Here are a few screen caps from it.

So, Harada was saying that Kamisaka hasn't contacted him and all and Kamisaka apologized and said due to some reason but don't worry about him.

Then Harada was asking "why can't you tell me the place you are staying?" Then Kamisaka stuttered and then Harada was like "You are at a woman's place right?" Then Kamisaka was like "ahh no~" Then Harada said.. "you trembled" Then suddenly, Sawai came to call Kamisaka and said she thought of doing some shopping and go home...

Harada looked at Sawai as if he fell in love. haha! Then Sawai asked "Your friend?" Then Haraad quickly stood up and said "Friend's name is Harada Hiroyuki"

Then Kamisaka pushed Harada away and said "oh no no! you were saying, you are shopping?" Then Harada said "Isn't she an extremely pretty girl?!" Then Kamisaka said "So what?!" Harada continued "Ah! Don't tell me that you..." Then Kamisaka said "No! She is not the one!"

Sawai interrupted and said "Sorry for interruption. See you!" and went off.

In order to see the girl that Kamisaka is staying with, Harada went to Kamisaka's school and when he enters the main gate, he just plainly greeted the guard and walk in. haha! By right, not just anyone can walk into the school but have to register themselves and tell the reason of why they need to enter the school.

So, Harada just walked in and the guard was chasing after him. Something has happened to one of the school's girl and Kamisaka and Akiyama are worry about that problem and suddenly he saw the security guard is stopping Harada from entering the territory.

Well, with his irresponsible-like or shall I say not serious attitude/ character, he was stopping Kamisaka from doing his work and so, that caused Kamisaka to yell at Harada and said "Enough! Here is my workplace!" and ran off due to some emergency. Poor Harada. lol
Here are some screen caps from both scenes and download link is right after these screen caps.

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