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The American R&B singer/producer Ne-Yo has written a song for the popular Japanese group w-inds.. The song is titled 'Truth~最後の真実~ / Truth~Saigo no Shinjitsu [lit. 'Last Truth']' and will be included in the upcoming single 'New World / Truth~最後の真実~ (New World / Truth~Saigo no Shinjitsu') to be released on December 9th. Ne-Yo's real name is Shaffer Smith, and 'Truth' is credited as being written by 'Smith / Howard'. w-inds. member Tachibana Keita commented "We're big fans of Ne-Yo, so we were really excited when we heard that he will be writing a song for us."

Ne-Yo feels that the dance music expressed by w-inds. has potential. That was partly why he agreed to offer a song for them. Since 'truth' is an important word in the song, the lyrics 'She's the truth' has a special meaning; it aims to express respect for a woman that one loves, and it is also meant to honor all women around the world.

Sources: Music Japan

I just can't wait for this song to be released on radio station! It's going to be one great song! This single is going to be a great great awesome single!!

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Date of release for this single is 2009.12.09

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