[DOWNLOAD] Keita@Ohitorisama (EP 2)

For those fans who are unable to watch it on my youtube, here I am providing a link for download and to watch.

Either way, it'll be fine but.. it's only Keita's part. haha! Because I believe if you really want to watch this drama, you can buy the DVD when it's out.

Anyhow, no worries as I am sure this drama is uploaded everywhere on the net whether it's raw version or subs.

Either way, this blog will put up just Keita's part. This short part is about Keita brought his sister back home because she had a fight with the parents and ran out from home. So, she went to Keita's house and said until she can find a place to stay, she will stay at his house. haha! Keita said "How can you suddenly say such a thing?" Then his sister was like "Aren't you staying alone?!" Then Teppei heard that and packed his stuffs to stay outside. Keita said "Don't worry about my sister though" Then Teppei said, "Well, this house is kind of small to accommodate 3 of us" and so he went to overnight at internet cafe.


Title: Keita@Ohitorisama (Ep 2)
File size: 4.14MB
Format: WMV
DL link: Get it here (MF link)

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