w-inds. Another World promotion CD

First of all, I am back from Taiwan!! It's such a great place and I love the shopping. LOL! However, I am down with flu as soon as I got back.

I mean before going to Taiwan, I am having cough and didn't take any medication. In Taiwan, I drank around 8 cups of bubble tea or what w-inds. call "Tapioca tea" from 8 different shops. hahah! Hence my cough has never gotten any better. During my last 2 days in Taiwan, I started to have cold and when I got back, I am down with flu. Sore throat and all. *sigh*

Anyway, usually before a group or singer release their new album, they will have a promo CD for radio station.

Therefore, here is one of the promo CDs for Another world. hehe!

I have seen some people sell the promo CD before. Of course not Another world but their past singles. hehe!

Can't wait!

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