[SCANS] Sweet Fantasy in Hong Kong DVD

Lately I am really busy rushing off my assignment and I am nowhere to finishing soon when next month is my deadline for submission T__T Help me!!

Anyhow, if I were to wait until I finished my assignment, DVD update will be so-out-season by then. haha! So, after few days of delayed, I decided not to delay any longer.

Therefore, I am now taking my tiny time off... hmm.. actually it's an ample time because updating the dvd requires a lot of time. haha!

Here are the scans from the DVD booklet. I am here to share with others w-inds. fans who haven't or can't buy the DVD yet at here. Therefore, please don't post this up elsewhere. If you thought of sharing it with others fans, you may link them to here instead.

Thank you for your co-operation.

By the way, double click the images for full size.

A few snapshots of the DVD.


The discs and the booklet with postcard.


Cover of the DVD.




Booklet scans


















That's all for the update. I will soon upload the post-promotion clip for the DVD on my youtube, hopefully by tomorrow as now it's still in the process of ripping. *sigh* hehe! 

Please support w-inds. by purchasing their DVD! Thank you.


  1. Sure. I buy their DVD.
    Love w-inds. forever.
    I watch your post-promotion clip.
    Thank you very much for making it.
    I'm waiting for my dvd.

  2. hahaha after seeing your promo, i really want to buy this dvd now...Ryohei!!
    hehehe time to order i guess..then i'll just get w-inds. another world along with it.
    and cdjapan has limited stock on it this time 0_0..now there's only 4 left..i think maybe cuz they don't want left over like last time