[DOWNLOAD] New World performance + Truth ~Saigo no shinjitsu~

It has been a long time since the last I updated. haha! I have been really busy with my final assignments and I have left not much time to do it T__T

Anyway, here are the 3 latest updates of their performances (New World + Truth)

This performance is aired by MTV and it was their X'mas live 2009 event. Get this here

This is said to be their live version PV for New World. haha! You may get this here.

Last but not least, their Truth performance from 2009 X'mas Live event.

You may get the performance here.

In the meantime, everyone, do check out their live DVD yeah! It's already available for purchase (in store).. of course that will be in Japan and HK fans told me they have the DVD in store as well (Japan's version). So, guys, do check it out yeah. It will take me some time to  upload the live DVD on youtube because I am rushing off my assignments now. Please help me!! T__T

Alright! Going off now. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and left messages over the chatbox. hehe!

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