w-inds. and Poprainbow culture and music festival (THE WARNING!)

Alright, I actually didn't intend to post this up but since there were so many fans out of no where left comments on one of my entries at the same time, I decided to post this again once and for all. *sigh*

As per my latest entry, I have stated to warned whoever fans out there who planned to purchase ticket for this event, not to act impulsively because some Malaysian fans told me that w-inds. participation hasn't actually confirmed yet.

Like I mentioned earlier, the best thing that Malaysian fans can do now is to wait for their official announcement, perhaps on their upcoming FC event, THE GOLDEN. Whenever there is any special announcement that they will be going elsewhere to perform, they will inform the fans during event such as FC or concert.

Fans can also wait for official news from their management, VF or their official site, w-inds.tv.

No matter what the outcome is, I wish you Malaysian fans all the best. If at the end, w-inds. is able to attend, I will be happy for Malaysian fans but if they can't or is not going to attend, don't be sad as I am sure there will be a day that w-inds. will make it there because that's what they have been hoping for as well. To be able to perform in as many countries as possible apart from homeland, Japan.

There are fans who left me comments saying the organizer was using foul language to tell the fans off when they asked too many questions? Well, I have no comment on that since I didn't read or know what is it all about.

Anyhow, as an organizer, by using foul language is unprofessional in many ways. If that's the case, I would really hope that w-inds. doesn't have to deal with such organizer and will be best stay back in Japan. As ignorant or blunt as it may sound because it could be a disappointment to Malaysian fans, but if w-inds. has to deal with such organizer, as a fan I would wished that they don't go. I am sure Malaysian fans or any fans for that matter, will not hope that the boys travel all the way to one country but ended up having a bad experience due to the organizer non-professional attitude or way of working and dealing with work right?

Anyhow, thank you for the fans (the Malaysian fans) to leave so many comments over here and my say is still the same as I have mentioned earlier. Wait for the official announcement from the Japan's side because if an agreement has been reached, both side will make necessary announcement for sure.

All the best and good luck!

Warning: If there isn't any official announcement from w-inds. side but at the same time your country is making the announcement that w-inds. is going, this is call scamming. If an agreement has been reached officially and through black and white, both sides will make necessary announcement for sure.


  1. yeah i got the news~ they r unprofessional~ if it's not confirm ~no need to do it the event anyway~

  2. read this http://ent.sinchew-i.com/node/20781

  3. ^ sorry, i can't read much chinese. >_<