w-inds. 28th single "Addicted to love" info

It's reported that w-inds. upcoming single, Addicted to love will be released on:

June 23, 2010 (2010.6.23)

Absolutely excited about it!!

In the meantime, this is my April cover, Some more and Nothing is impossible. ^^;


  1. thanks for the news!!
    hey i got news about Ryohei with Airi Taira?

  2. purelight: no, sorry i have not heard of this rumor. what is it all about? i hardly pay attention to their rumors. haha!

  3. purelight: is that a forum? sorry, am not a member of the forum but anyhow, i have searched a bit and found some short articles on japanese website... well, all i can is, they might be just friends. seeing that they have known each other since ryo's debut.. even if she is in ryo's car doesn't mean anything. it could be friends hanging out together or so happened she was taking his car elsewhere. worst come to worst, even if they are dating, i guess us fans can't do anything about it right? that girl is cute by the way. haha! thanks for the news.