w-inds. and Poprainbow culture and music festival (latest update) and THE GOLDEN

w-inds. fans in Malaysia has been warned not to act impulsively because the confirmation on w-inds. participation is yet to be confirmed.

Therefore, before further information from w-inds. themselves (perhaps they might mention it during their FC event, THE GOLDEN) or any official announcement from Japan side (Vision Factory or w-inds.tv), don't purchase the ticket yet. haha!

Here is the look for THE GOLDEN. hehe!

They are as precious as gold now.. close to 10 years!!

4/24(土)Zepp Nagoya open13:30/start14:30
5/1(土)Zepp Osaka open13:00/start14:00
5/5(水)東京国際フォーラムホールA open13:30/start14:30

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