w-inds. and Poprainbow culture and music festival.

Theme: Where's The Modern Pop Meet Traditional Culture All About!!
Concept: 5 Fandom from 5 Pop country - Malaysia Japan Korea Thailand & Taiwan.
Activities: Concert, Food Festival, Dance Competition, Cosplay , Culture Show, Stalls , Cooking Competition, Coloring Contest and many more...

This is going to be in Malaysia. Date and venue are unknown yet. Here are more information

Poprainbow Music Festival
Korea : Kim Taegoon, DNT, 2ne1
Japan : W-inds, Tamaki Hiroshi
Malaysia : Adam af, Dior
Thailand : Tata Young, Taechin, B.O,Y
Taiwan : will update soon!
Ticket price: RM90, RM120, RM160, RM240, RM280, RM360, RM460, RM480


  1. yeah i got the news too i'm going there on the 5th & about a week holiday~ hoping i can go to KL at that time ~ one thing dont know where it's~ ouh god 8 years been waiting~ you wanna post it at feel the fate!!?

  2. purelight: do you know when will be the date for this event?

  3. nope but it might possible they make it on Sunday~ this just my opinion~sorry

  4. purelight: i mean as in which month? haha!

  5. Start Time:
    Friday, 25 June 2010 at 09:00
    End Time:
    Sunday, 27 June 2010 at 23:00
    Kuala Lumpur~

    i did asked one of the team leader who make this event~~ w-inds. will be there but not confirm yet for any fanmeeting ~ next moth they said there will be press conference XD cool ~

  6. purelight: press conference? does w-inds. involved in that press conference too? so that event will be in 2 days? is that mean w-inds. will be in both days too? which part of kuala lumpur will that be? i mean the exact venue so that i can post up the information. thank you.

  7. i don't know when the press conference~ we had to wait entertainment news around next month~

  8. please please please take note!!!
    we are fans from w-inds. fm...(fans malaysia club)
    one of our committee receive respond from record company that w-inds. WILL NOT attend...
    and we do ask for futher confirmation from organizer, organizer did come out with rude and impolite words scolding us....
    if u want the prove that organizer scolding us, u may give me ur email...
    and now: they change their words to "they have the right to change artis"
    anyway, please becareful...dont buy the tickets before the press conferences or any official announcement from w-inds.
    NO JOKE!!!

  9. I've heard that w-inds is not confirmed for this event yet.
    both of the fans and the organiser were arguing in facebook
    U'd better hold on and don't buy the ticket first.
    The crews from the organiser were quite rude and they've deleted the posts which they used foul words to scold w-inds fans.
    No kidding. Luckily my friend had print screen some of the posts as evidence.

    *The offcial artists that are going to perform will be announced during the press conference.* (copied from facebook)

    I'm not a w-inds fans, but the way the organiser handled the event is kinda disappointing.

  10. u can join the facebook group w-inds. fm!
    we are not kidding here!
    u may also get the email from me which contain the rude word from organizer.